US X-Ray Films Market - Focused Insights 2023-2028

Published Date :  AUG 2023



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Unlock unparalleled insights into the rapidly evolving world of the US X-Ray film market. Dive into our all-encompassing focused insight report and stay ahead with the most current data, forecasts, segmentations, and emerging industry trends.

The US X-ray films market was valued at a significant $640.72 million in 2022, it's poised to ascend to an impressive $727 million by 2028, with a steady growth of 2.13% CAGR. A key player on the global stage, the US market thrives on the back of approximately 2.5 billion x-ray procedures performed globally in 2021 - a number that's on a swift upward trajectory.

Tech Transitions & Trends: The healthcare landscape quickly adopts sophisticated imaging tech. The transition to digital imaging is witnessing a slow but inevitable sidelining of conventional X-ray films. Yet, industrial applications steadfastly rely on the age-old, tried-and-tested X-ray film method to detect product defects, ensuring market sustenance.

Market Stalwarts: With limited players in the game, brands like Agfa, Carestream, and Sony lead the market. While giants like Carestream faced challenges like bankruptcy, their innovations continue. For instance, Carestream's advanced film reduces radiation exposure, making diagnostics safer for patients. Agfa's STRUCTURIX radiographic film, sought-after across various industries, highlights X-ray films' versatility and evolving applications.

Demand Dynamics: The call for diagnostic processes is skyrocketing, propelled by the rising incidences of chronic illnesses and broader testing parameters, such as CT scans. Vendors are innovating to meet this demand. Brands like Agfa and Fujifilm are rolling out industrial X-ray films that dramatically reduce processing time and enhance efficiency.

Critical Timelines: In emergency situations, where every second counts, faster diagnostic processes become lifesavers. With over 45 million surgeries in the US annually and increasing reliance on X-rays for various sectors, the need for swift, effective X-ray films is more urgent than ever.

Industrial vs. Healthcare: While the healthcare sector slowly pivots from traditional X-ray films, industrial sectors remain steadfast. From gas pipelines to vehicle design, the demand for X-ray films remains robust, showcasing their indispensable nature in diverse applications.

Decoding the Complexities: X-rays, though prevalent, come with their set of challenges in interpretation. It's vital to acknowledge potential limitations while interpreting them to ensure precision.

Market Structure: Dominated by a few key players like Carestream, Agfa, Fujifilm, and Sony, the US market sees these frontrunners harnessing strategies like acquisitions and collaborations to bolster their foothold.


  • In 2021, around 2.5 billion X-ray procedures were conducted worldwide, and this is increasing. This will increase the demand for X-ray films. The US is one of the major contributors to the global market
  • Industrial X-ray films are largely used and are one of the oldest methods to find product defects. This procedure will drive the market at reasonable rates
  • In the medical segment, hospitals are one of the largest users of medical X-ray films. Dental hospitals are also one of the significant contributors to the X-ray film market
  • Oil & gas industry of x-ray films in detecting leaks in welds, pipelines and inspecting for corrosion. Similarly, Security screening, non-destructive testing, and quality control are the applications that are used by the aerospace & defense segment. These industrial applications are increasing the demand for X-ray films.
  • Urgent care centers and emergency units have shifted to the usage of digital X-rays, which are compatible with smart devices and can be shared easily. The advanced digital X-rays have very little processing time. This shift is one of the limitations of the X-ray film market.
  • Non-screen X-ray films dominate the product segment and are widely used across various industries, from medical to various industries. This segment is expected to grow at an incremental rate of 58.94%.

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  • Application
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • End-User
  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Standalone Urgent/Emergency Centres
  • Others
  • Product Type
  • Non-Screen X-ray Films
  • Screen X-ray Films
  • Market Dynamics
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Key Vendors
  • Other Prominent Vendors
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Quantitative summary
  • Abbreviations
  • Research Methodology
  • Abbreviations
  • About Arizton

Key Vendors:

• Agfa 

• Fujifilm

• Carestream

• Sony

Other Vendors

• Codonics

• Colenta

• Flow Dental

• FomaBohemia


Report Preview

US X-Ray Films Market Focused Insights DOWNLOAD SAMPLE

Please Note : Arizton critically analyzes the industry and market sectors to provide reliable and valuable market intelligence. The research-based knowledge empowers clients to formulate intelligent strategies, resulting in creative, cost-effective, and efficient execution.

Table Of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Key Takeaway

Market Segmentation Data

  • Application
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • End-User
  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centres
  • Standalone Urgent/Emergency Centres
  • Others
  • Product Type
  • Non-Screen X-ray Films
  • Screen X-ray Films

  • US X-Ray Films Market Drivers
  • US X-Ray Films Trends
  • US X-Ray Films Constraints

  • US X-Ray Films - Competitive Landscape
  • US X-Ray Films - Key Players
  • US X-Ray Films – Other Prominent Players

  • Research Methodology
  • Abbreviations
  • About Arizton

  • Exhibit 1: X-Ray Films Market size & Forecast ($ Mn)
  • Exhibit 2: Medical Market Size & Forecast ($ Mn)
  • Exhibit 3: Industrial Market Size & Forecast ($ Mn)
  • Exhibit 6: Hospitals Market Size & Forecast ($ Mn)
  • Exhibit 7: Diagnostic Imaging Centers Market Size & Forecast ($  Mn)
  • Exhibit 8: Standalone Imaging Centers Market Size & Forecast ($ Mn)
  • Exhibit 9: Others Market Size & Forecast ($ Mn)
  • Exhibit 11: Non-Screen Market Size & Forecast ($ Mn)
  • Exhibit 12: Screen Market Size & Forecast ($ Mn)

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Frequently Asked Questions

As of 2022, the X-ray films market in the US is valued at approximately $640.72 million.

The market is projected to reach around $727 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 2.13%.

Approximately 2.5 billion x-ray procedures were performed worldwide in 2021.

Yes, advancements in imaging technology have led many healthcare sectors to prefer digital imaging, reducing the demand for conventional x-ray films.

Absolutely. Industrial x-ray films are crucial for detecting defects in products and are still widely used in numerous industries, including gas and oil pipelines, vehicle parts designing, and more.

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