U.S. Glamping Market - Focused Insights 2024-2029

Published Date :  FEB 2024



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About The Report


Discover the allure of modular glamping units for both individual enthusiasts and commercial investors looking to venture into the glamping business. With the promise of an exceptional outdoor experience, these units stand at the forefront of the market's evolution. Embrace the full potential of the US glamping market with our insightful analysis, uncovering the trends, opportunities, and forecasts that will define the industry from 2024 to 2029.Our report details how these structures have reshaped the glamping landscape, becoming easier and faster to set up and providing a customizable, distinctive glamping experience.

The US glamping market is set to expand from $561.42 million in 2023 to an impressive $1,308.15 million by 2029, with a robust CAGR of 15.14% during the forecast period. This burgeoning sector has captured the attention of diverse leisure travelers, thriving particularly as a post-pandemic favorite, offering an indulgent blend of outdoor adventure and resort-like luxury.

The market's growth is underpinned by the increasing popularity of glamping, which stands as an appealing alternative for leisure travelers who traditionally shunned camping due to its logistical demands. Glamping simplifies the outdoor experience without compromising comfort, drawing in a broader audience that includes adventure seekers and those accustomed to luxury.

With a significant surge in providers and rental options, the visibility of glamping has soared, further catalyzed by the growth of the travel sector across the vast landscapes of the US. From beach getaways to mountain retreats and national parks, the US offers a plethora of glamping locales catering to various preferences.

Demographically, millennials and baby boomers are the primary generations propelling the glamping market. While millennials seek digital detox and adventure, baby boomers — many of whom are retired or nearing retirement — have the time and resources to explore and enjoy novel accommodation experiences that resonate with younger generations as well.

Tailoring to consumer preferences, market players are offering bespoke experiences, incorporating elements like adventure sports, wellness activities, gourmet dining, and educational workshops. Such personalized offerings meet the sophisticated needs of luxury travelers seeking more than traditional upscale travel options.

Wellness tourism is particularly robust, fueled by Americans seeking respite from their overextended lifestyles. Glamping aligns perfectly with this wellness trend, offering restorative experiences in nature.

The shift towards cabins — a staple in family camping now reimagined for glamping — demonstrates the market's move towards more luxurious, hotel-like amenities in a rustic setting, a concept known as "cabineering."

Public lands play a crucial role in the glamping industry, offering diverse experiences and scenic beauty that drive visitor numbers and revenue for state parks. Meanwhile, urban glamping is redefining city exploration, providing unique overnight experiences within metropolitan settings.

In the regional context, the Western US leads the market share, supported by its high population, income levels, and strong tourism and hospitality sector. States like New York and Maine are poised for high demand due to their diverse climates and high tourist traffic.

The US glamping market is competitive, with key players focusing on innovation, service quality, site locations, and overall customer experience. Leading companies like The Resort at Paws Up, Under Canvas, Collective Retreats, and Huttopia are shaping a diverse and dynamic market landscape.

Key Highlights:

  • Glamping has rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US, gaining widespread recognition and acceptance among various segments of leisure travelers. During the pandemic outbreak, the travel industry came to a halt, prompting businesses to strategize on continued operations. As leisure travelers canceled trips, they sought alternative vacation planning options.
  • The US is a vast country with a land area of nearly four million square miles and a population of over 338 million. It offers a variety of travel options. There is an unending list of US vacation spots, including national parks, beaches, mountains, and wilderness areas. Beach getaways in South Carolina or Big Bear Lake cabin rentals in California, skiing at ski resorts such as Aspen or Jackson Hole, or national park camping in top locations such as Acadia National Park or Yellowstone National Park are just a few of the finest glamping destinations in the US.
  • Millennials and baby boomers are currently the major generations driving the glamping niche in the US. Millennials seek trips to disconnect from technology, whereas baby boomers are drawn to outdoor and recreational activities. Many industry participants wrongly equate glamping with the millennial generation; however, baby boomers, nearing or reaching retirement age, should not be disregarded. Baby boomers tend to have the time and desire to travel and experiment with new housing concepts that their children are also interested in.
  • The growth of Airbnb also turns the pointer toward a trend where consumers require experiences that are offbeat, authentic, and approachable, breaking the traditional hotel model. Glamping is particularly gaining popularity among retirees and those belonging to ABC1 markets/higher social groups. In addition, the concept is expected to grow with the younger demographic, i.e., millennials entering their peak earning years and others having a higher disposable income post-recession day.
  • The competition mainly revolves around innovation, services, site locations, and the level of comfort and convenience provided to customers. Notable players such as The Resort at Paws Up, Under Canvas, Collective Retreats, and Huttopia are some of the leading brands contributing to the diverse and competitive landscape in the US glamping market.

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  • Accommodation (Revenue)
  • Cabins
  • Safari Tents
  • Yurts
  • Treehouses
  • Tipis
  • Others       
  • Land Ownership (Revenue)
  • Private Land
  • Public Land 
  • Area (Revenue)
  • Rural
  • Urban 
  • Size (Revenue)
  • 4-Person
  • 2-Person
  • Others 
  • End-User (Revenue)
  • Consumers
  • Events
  • Market Dynamics
  • Competitive Landscape of the US Glamping Market
  • Key Vendors
  • Other Prominent Vendors
  • Research Methodology
  • Abbreviations
  • About Arizton

Key Vendors

• The Resort at Paws Up 

• Under Canvas

• Collective Retreats 

• Huttopia

• Tentrr

Other Prominent Vendors

• Asheville Glamping 

• AutoCamp

• Capitol Reef Resort 

• Camp'd Out  

• Conestoga Ranch

• El Cosmico

• El Capitan Canyon 

• EXP Journeys 

• Fireside Resort Cabins

• Firelight Camps

• Minam River Lodge

• Nomadics Tipi Makers 

• Sandy Pines Campground 

• Sinya

• Ventana Big Sur

• Walden Retreats

• Bushtec Safari

• Westgate Resorts

• Mendocino Grove

• Dunton

• Backland

• Klarhet 

• Bodhi Farms

• Treebones Resort

• Little Arrow Outdoor Resort

• The Mohicans 

• Desolation Hotel 

• West Beach Resort

• The Vintages

• Johnny Morris Nature Resorts

• Timberline Glamping

• The Ranch at Rock Creek

• Camp Aramoni

• Bellfire

• Moose Meadow Lodge

Report Preview

U.S. Glamping Market Focused InsightsDOWNLOAD SAMPLE

Please Note : Arizton critically analyzes the industry and market sectors to provide reliable and valuable market intelligence. The research-based knowledge empowers clients to formulate intelligent strategies, resulting in creative, cost-effective, and efficient execution.

Table Of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Key Findings

  • US: Projected Revenue of Glamping Market (2020-2029) ($Millions)

  • US: Projected Revenue by Accommodation (2020-2029); (Revenue $MN)
  • Accommodation Snapshot
  • Cabins
  • Safari Tents
  • Yurts
  • Treehouses
  • Tipis
  • Others      
  • US: Projected Revenue by Land Ownership (2020-2029); (Revenue $MN)
  • Land Ownership Snapshot
  • Private Land
  • Public Land
  • US: Projected Revenue by Area (2020-2029); (Revenue $MN)
  • Area Snapshot
  • Rural
  • Urban
  • US: Projected Revenue by Size (2020-2029); (Revenue $MN)
  • Size Snapshot
  • 4-Person
  • 2-Person
  • Others
  • US: Projected Revenue by End-User (2020-2029); (Revenue $MN)
  • End-User Snapshot
  • Consumers
  • Events

  • US Glamping Market Trends
  • US Glamping Market Drivers
  • US Glamping Market Constraints

  • US Glamping Market - Competitive Landscape
  • US Glamping Market - Key Players
  • US Glamping Market – Other Prominent Vendors

  • Research Methodology
  • Abbreviations
  • About Arizton

Exhibit 1: US Glamping Market 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 2: US Glamping Market by Accommodation 2020–2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 3: Market by Accommodation: Cabins 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 4: Market by Accommodation: Tents 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 5: Market by Accommodation: Yurts 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 6: Market by Accommodation: Treehouses 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 7: Market by Accommodation: Tipis 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 8: Market by Accommodation: Others 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 9: US Glamping Market by Land Ownership 2020–2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 10: Market by Land Ownership: Public Land 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 11: Market by Land Ownership: Private Land 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 12: US Glamping Market by Area 2020–2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 13: Market by Area: Rural 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 14: Market by Area: Urban 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 15: US Glamping Market by Size 2020–2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 16: Market by Size: 4-Person 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 17: Market by Size: 2-Person 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 18: Market by Size: Others 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 19: US Glamping Market by End-User 2020–2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 20: Market by End-User: Consumers 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 21: Market by End-User: Events 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 22: US Glamping Market by Regions 2020–2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 23: Western US Glamping Market 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 24: Southern US Glamping Market 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 25: Midwestern US Glamping Market 2020-2029 ($ million)

Exhibit 26: Northeastern US Glamping Market 2020-2029 ($ million)

Table 1: Quantitative Summary Projected Revenue of US Glamping Market 2020-2029 ($ million)

Table 2: Quantitative Summary Projected Revenue by Accommodation 2020-2029 ($ million)

Table 3: Quantitative Summary Projected Revenue by Land Ownership 2020-2029 ($ million)

Table 4: Quantitative Summary Projected Revenue by Area 2020-2029 ($ million)

Table 5: Quantitative Summary Projected Revenue by Size 2020-2029 ($ million)

Table 6: Quantitative Summary Projected Revenue by End-User 2020-2029 ($ million)

Table 7: Quantitative Summary Projected Revenue by Region 2020-2029 ($ million)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The US glamping market is projected to reach $1,308.15 million by 2029.

The market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.14% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2029.

The pandemic led to a halt in traditional travel, which in turn prompted travelers to seek alternative vacation options like glamping, thrusting it into the spotlight as a safe and luxurious outdoor experience.

Millennials and baby boomers are the primary demographics, with millennials seeking tech-free retreats and baby boomers drawn to the outdoors and willing to try new travel experiences.

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