US Surgical Clippers & Staplers Market - Focused Insights 2023-2028

Published Date :  JUL 2023



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Advanced waterproof surgical clippers are modern and are gaining wide popularity in the US due to better safety and efficacy than traditional products. Power stapler are largely adopted, the staples are undergoing innovations.

Immerse in the transformational journey of surgical devices that have evolved phenomenally over time, significantly enhancing the efficiency and safety of surgical procedures. The U.S. market for surgical clippers and staplers, valued at $1.53 billion in 2022, is projected to ascend to $2.36 billion by 2028, fueled by an impressive CAGR of 7.54%. 

The longevity of surgical stapling, a wound closure technique celebrating over a century of usage, testifies its effectiveness in promoting wound healing through the maintenance of hemostasis, prevention of leakage, and preservation of vascularization. A steady rise in surgeries across the U.S. escalates the demand for these indispensable surgical tools. 

With the annual count of C-sections touching 1.3 million, joint replacement surgeries surpassing a million, 670,000 surgeries to repair certain types of broken bones, and over 454,000 stent procedures, the need for innovative and efficient surgical devices like clippers and staplers has never been more pressing. 

Staying ahead of the curve, manufacturers are launching groundbreaking products like waterproof clippers that promise superior durability and hygiene through sterilization and reuse. BD's waterproof clippers led the path, inspiring others to follow suit. These clippers, equipped with submersible handles, ensure rigorous cleaning and disinfection. 

Intuitive's innovative robotic stapler, introduced in 2021, is a game-changer with its integrated software capable of over 1,000 measurements per second. It fine-tunes the firing process, minimizing tissue damage. 


The evolution of surgical clippers is awe-inspiring, with additional features like vacuum pumps that clear the removed hair within seconds. This innovation eliminates the step of manual cleaning, drastically reduces infection risks, cuts down surgery time, and allows for efficient patient preparation in one sweep. Enter the era of advanced surgical tools, steering the future of surgical procedures to newfound heights of precision, efficiency, and safety. 


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  • New surgical clippers launched can remove hair at a faster rate. This reduces the patient preparation time in the operating room so that nurses can prepare the patients in less time. 
  • Advancements like robotic staplers and internal staplers have eased the work of a surgeon. These will reduce the complications associated with wound closures and helps in faster recovery. 
  • Powered staplers dominate the market and are expected to increase by $0.6 BN. The usage of manual staplers are becoming less, as powered staplers provide better comfort and closure to the surgeon 
  • Vendors have developed new surgical staplers especially designed for minimally invasive procedures. There is a constant increase in the number of minimally invasive procedures conducted in the US. 
  • Hospitals accounted for the largest share of the End-user segment. Raise of healthcare settings like outpatient settings, physician offices, and wound care dressing hospitals will increase the further usage of clippers and staplers. 
  • An increasing number of surgeries will increase the usage of surgical devices like clippers & staplers in the US market. For instance, almost 1.3 million pregnant women have their babies by C-section in the US every year. More than a million Americans undergo joint replacement surgery annually. More than 670,000 surgeries are conducted annually in the US to repair certain types of broken bones. 


Surgical Clippers 

  • Clippers Type 
  • Accessories 
  • Devices 

Battery Type 

  • Lithium Ion 
  • Ni-MH 

Surgical Stapler 

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  • Staples 
  • Staplers 


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  • Manual 


  • Hospitals 
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  • Others 

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