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Over 3.99 Million Units Of Garage Doors Expected to be Sold in the U.S. By 2029, Broadening a Growth Opportunity of $820 Million


According to the latest report by Focus Reports by Arizton, The U.S. Garage Door Market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 3.74% to reach USD 4.18 billion by 2029 from $3.36 in 2024. Rising construction activities, fuelled by population growth and urbanization, drive this market's growth. The increasing demand for single-family and multifamily constructions has notably surged the need for residential garage doors. Simultaneously, the construction boom in commercial sectors such as leisure, hospitality, retail, and data centres present opportunities for garage door market players. Shipments of garage doors in the U.S. are expected to reach 3.99 million units by 2029. Consumers prefer garage doors with enhanced thermal efficiency, multiple glazed options, and features like wind load resistance, durability, and insulation. Energy-efficient insulated garage doors are sought after for their potential utility bill savings. There's a notable trend in repurposing garage spaces, which elevates the demand for doors offering better temperature and sound insulation. 

Personalized & Tech-Advanced Products Driving the U.S. Garage Door Market 

Customization of garage doors and technological advancements are two trends leading the U.S. garage door market. These are becoming popular since they add value to their homes by infusing some of their personality into their garage door design. Presently, flush-mount doors are one of the trendy designs preferred by homeowners. Homeowners seeking safety, convenience, and energy efficiency can now easily access their garages through smartphone apps. These applications can be installed on multiple devices, ensuring that your garage door is controllable from anywhere.  

Sectional garage doors are made of separate sections that open vertically, so the demand for them rapidly increases in the region. They are one of the most prevalent choices for garage doors, leading to a market share of over 30%. This is followed by Roller garage doors, which provides smooth operations with smooth vertical opening and no internal tracks. It is simple to operate and can be closed and opened quickly. 

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Aluminum and Steel Garage Doors Market Share witnesses an Upward surge  

Metal was the most prominent material used in manufacturing garage doors. Metal in garage doors primarily refers to aluminum and steel, which are ideal since they are lighter than steel and iron and have a higher recycling rate. It is also easier to use as a composite material with wood as a wood-aluminum composite to manufacture garage doors and cater to affluent customers, leading the market share by over 40%. Wood has shared the second spot in market. Wooden garage doors are popular due to their customization, durability, and visual appeal, where high-quality local and imported wood is used in classic and vintage architecture. When it comes to operating these doors manually or automatically, there has been a clear winner: the automatic garage door, which holds the highest CAGR of 2.32% as it can be operated using various sensors such as infrared and photoelectric. Infrared doors work by detecting temperature changes. For instance, infrared sensors detect the warm temperature when someone passes and operate accordingly. 

Acquisitions and Collaboration have been the Strategic Movement by Key Players 

The U.S. garage door market's competitive scenario is intensifying, with global and domestic players offering a diverse range of products. In the U.S. garage door market, leading market players are significantly contributing to revenue generation through their vast presence and a wide array of products and service offerings. Also, market players are focusing on strategic agreements, acquisitions, and collaboration with emerging players to enter the U.S. garage door market and to gain access to commercially launched products. The competition mainly revolves around innovation, services, site locations, and the level of comfort and convenience provided to customers—notable players such as Overhead Door Corporation, Clopay Corporation, ASSA ABLOY, and C.H.I. Overhead Doors and Hörmann are some of the leading brands contributing to the diverse and competitive landscape in the U.S. garage door market. 

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