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APAC Witnesses Upward Trend in HIV Rapid Test Kits Adoption – the Market to Reach $487.70 Million by 2028


According to the latest focus insight reports by Arizton, the “APAC HIV rapid test kits market - focused insights 2023-2028” sheds light on the dynamic and rapidly evolving industry. The comprehensive report unveils valuable market trends, growth opportunities, and the competitive landscape of the business. With in-depth analysis and meticulous research, this report serves as a strategic guide for industry players, investors, and decision-makers, offering a comprehensive understanding of the current APAC HIV rapid test kits market dynamics and prospects. 


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In APAC, HIV testing is the most vital and integral part of HIV prevention and management. The knowledge about HIV infection is increasing rapidly in the region, which is expected to accelerate the demand for HIV self-testing kits. The APAC HIV rapid test kits market is experiencing healthy growth due to the awareness of HIV status, the rise in the target patient population, and the increase in government support & funding for HIV management. China is the largest HIV rapid test kits market in APAC, followed by India and Indonesia. However, introducing new and innovative HIV rapid test kits products with better process management and advanced technologies is expected to increase the application of lateral flow immunoassay during the forecast period. Hence, the lateral flow immunoassay segment will likely increase its share from 83.38% in 2022 to 83.83% in 2028. 


China to Hold the Dominate Share in the APAC HIV Rapid Test Kits Market  

The China HIV rapid test kits market is anticipated to surge to $189 million by 2028, driven by factors such as heightened awareness of HIV status among the populace, an expanding target demographic, and advanced healthcare infrastructure. As per the UNAID 2018 report, China had approximately 1.25 million people living with HIV, with 69% aware of their status and around 83% accessing treatments. The adoption of HIV self-testing (HIVST) was notably boosted in 2018, supported by Chinese health authorities and the government, leading to a substantial increase in uptake among adults. In the APAC region, the China market has emerged as a frontrunner in the HIV rapid test kits sector, showcasing greater dominance than other nations. This growth trajectory underscores the evolving landscape of HIV testing and healthcare accessibility in China. 


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Online Channels Transforming HIV Test Kit Distribution in APAC 

In 2022, the online distribution channel segment captured a 31.23% share of the APAC HIV rapid test kits market. The growing trend towards online shopping has prompted companies to transition from offline to online sales, a shift that is particularly evident in the HIV test kits sector. Consequently, there has been a slowdown in the growth of offline-based HIV self-tests. 

In response to this shift, several developed countries have implemented policies to support HIV self-testing and facilitate access to test kits through online channels. Online pharmacies and medical shops have emerged as key players in meeting the demand for HIV self-testing kits. Additionally, regulatory bodies like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended the availability of FDA-approved HIV rapid test kits through online sales channels in the US and other nations, further encouraging the expansion of online distribution networks for HIV testing solutions


Market Opportunities & Trends  

  • 4th Generation HIV Kit Technology to Increase Reliability and Accuracy in Testing  
  • Development of Upconverting Nanoparticle-based Lateral Flow Immunoassay 
  • Digital Technology & Tools support HIV Self-testing Proliferation  
  • Increasing Resources Availability and Fundings for HIV Management 


Vendors Included in the Report: 

Key Vendors: Abbott Laboratory, Bio-Rad Laboratory, BioMerieux, ChemBio Diagnostics, & OraSure Technologies 

Other Prominent Vendors: bioLytical Laboratories, Biosynex, DIALAB, AccuBioTech, Cupid Limited, Nanjing Synthgene Medical Technology, HUMAN Diagnostics World, INTEC, J. Mitra & Co., Meril Life Sciences, MP Biomedicals, Medsource Ozone Biomedicals, Premier Medical, SD Biosensor, Türklab A.S., Trinity Biotech, Atomo Diagnostics, KHB (SHANGHAI KEHUA BIO-ENGINEERING), Wantai BioPharma, and Wondfo 


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